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To be able to make your visit of our site Tape à l’oeil better, we use cookies which make your online purchase easier.

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We use cookies aimed to collect anonymous information about the way users browse our web site.

This data will help us to make the functioning of our site better, narrowing down eventual navigating problems, which visitors could face.


Agreement for use of cookies :

Registration of a cookie in a terminal is essentially dependent on user’s agreement; however a user can express or modify at any time and for free the choices offered to him by a browser.
If you have accepted registration of cookies in your browser on your computer,
cookies included in pages and content which you looked through can be registered temporarily in the dedicated place of your Terminal.
They will be readable only for issuer.

Refusal of use of cookies :

If you refuse the registration of edited by us cookies in your computer, or if you delete the content of what we have registered, you will not be able to take advantage of certain amount of functions, which are necessary for browsing some pages of our site.
For example, it will be the case, when you will try to access our services or page content, which require signing into your account.
Also, in the case, when we will not be able to identify your browser type used by your terminal and its language and display settings, as well as the country from which your computer seems to be connected to the Internet.
case, we refuse all responsibility for any consequences related to bad functioning of our services, as a result of our impossibility to register or consult needed cookies which you have refused or deleted.
Settings of every browser for managing cookies and your choice are different. They are described in the help menu of your browser, which will enable you to modify your cookies in the way you want.

For Chrome™ : open settings menu then chose Settings ; click on Advanced Settings then Content Settings, and chose required options.

For Internet Explorer™ : open the tools menu then chose Internet Options, click on the tab Confidentiality and then chose needed level.

For Firefox™ : open the tools menu then chose Options; click on the tab Private Life and chose required options.

For Safari™ : chose Safari > Preferences then click on Safety ; click on Show cookies and then chose required options.

For Opera™ : open tools menu then chose Preferences; click on the tab Advanced and then in the topic Cookies click on Manage Cookies; chose required options.