Fraud, no thanks !

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fraud no thanksThe cases of fraud detected increase: companies, aware of this problem, are becoming better equipped to detect even though it should be noted quel’avènement of cyber crime and computer crime are rising sharply.




Moreover, the legal and regulatory constraints normato-reinforcing continuously and require companies to equip themselves to meet particular needs for traceability.

Strategic stake in a difficult economic situation, fraud detection and the implementation of corrective process to annihilate are factors of improved cash flow.

All sectors are concerned and it also depends on the size of the company (Rank number of detected frauds / Sectors / Increase 2010-2013)
1.Finances 34%
2.Distribution + 38%
3.Télécommunications + 31%
4.Energie + 28%
Public 5.Secteur + 48%
6.Industrie + 42%

This fraud is polymorphic and typology is vast (Rank / Type)
Asset 1.Détournement: 70%
2.Fraude purchases: 30%
3.Corruption: 25%
4.Cybercriminalité: 25%
5.Fraude accounting: 20%
6.Fraude RH: 15%
7.Other: 15%

Of course, depending on the sectors, the rate and type vary (eg Fraud procurement: the public sector is most affected).

Fraud is not only the damage in financial terms but also in terms of image, reputation, shareholder valuation … All of which are increasingly considered by companies.

PAY-BACK group, specializing in the analysis and audit of transactions now positions on the subject.

Based on our experience over 18 years in highlighting the anomalies in the data flow, we have taken the step (a little) to meet the needs of our customers and the market.

For this, we offer our customers a continuous data control software coupled with business expertise.

This is an important issue for you but also for us!

Active member of the ACFE, we wish to share your problems and answer it!


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