Our Audits

Recovery audits are designed to verify the correct implementation of your purchasing terms and conditions and contracts in order to identify amounts unduly paid to suppliers.

Our recovery audits generate immediate cash as the amounts are recovered by our teams.
Pay-Back implements audit recovery chiefly for major companies, in the retail sector in particular, for numerous expenditure items: goods, raw materials, property rents, overheads, outsourcing, etc.

Audit recovery consists firstly in reproducing in our data center the actual transactions produced by the various information system sources of our clients. Our experienced audit recovery auditors then compare the results obtained with the terms negotiated between the buyer and the supplier and then with the effective payments in the accounts.

Above and beyond the immediate cash it generates, audit recovery enables areas of risk and malfunction to be highlighted via our summary reports. Accordingly, you will gain practical insight into the weak points in the control of your purchasing processes.

Audit recovery is a discreet activity with little impact on your routine operations.

Our 3 areas of audit recovery activity are: post purchases, general expenses and commercial leases.