Our data center

Our activity is based on the analysis of your data and the results obtained depend largely on our capability to process it (multi-format, multi-sources transaction volumes…)

To this end, we have a data center in France with a processing capability of up to 50 billion lines of data. This enables us to investigate the completeness of your data, even item unit prices and invoicing details.

In the data center we reproduce all transactions originating from our clients’ systems and our matching algorithms enable differences to be detected. These algorithms are based on statistical and mathematical models and are constantly enriched by our experience.

In order to support our clients and reduce their time spent on data retrieval operations, we have developed interfaces enabling data to be exported from the main ERP systems (SAP, Oracle Applications, People Soft…) or to be collected from swap files (EDI, DUMP Oracle, IBM Savf, …)

Our data center satisfies the highest data security standards in order to guarantee absolute confidentiality.