Testimonial, Gabriela PAY-BACK Italy

Testimonial GabrielaGabriela – Italy.

I began my PAY-BACK “adventure” as a junior auditor with one or our most important retail distribution clients.

A year later, I was part of the “flying team”…




I was developing new activities at our clients’ premises.  After a year and a half, I become Key Account Manager and was responsible for several clients in the Latium region, and then in Lombardy. Recently, PAY-BACK offered me the huge challenge of becoming the new HR & Finance Manager in Italy, a great achievement for me!


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Testimonial, Audrey PAY-BACK France

Audrey – France. With a wealth of experience behind me in the field of property, I was recruited by PAY-BACK, 5 years ago now, in order to take part in the implementation of a new audit concept concerning analysis of our clients’ commercial leases.

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